#2510s Project: The Exercises

Over this past summer I wrote twenty-five ten-minute plays. Each week featured one "original" work (on Monday), and four modifications of that "original" work (using a series of exercises derived from other art forms) on the other four days of the week.

The Fall of 2011 saw the release of several playscripts at www.twentyfivetens.wordpress.com, but not the exercises. I've reformatted the exercises (often pen on paper sketches that only had numbered instructions to follow) into a digitized form that attempts (though sometimes incompletely) to introduce the reader to the concept being adapted for the purpose of playwriting.

At any rate, feel free to use these exercises under the following license:

(c) 2012 Kyle Reynolds Conway  
Creative Commons BY-SA (3.0 Unported)

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The Exercises (as used)

The exercises below are organized as I employed them during the #2510s Project. Feel free to see whether or not they were effective by using them yourself or reading the work that resulted from the #2510s Project.

Week One: The Progress of Confusion

Week Two: Vamptruck

Week Three: The Eater

Week Four: Mactivist

Week Five: Backyard Swords


Special thanks to GNU Emacs, John Gruber's Markdown and Kevin Burke's MarkdownCSS (which I ever so slightly modified for use here), both of which have been indispensible in making these pages lovely and readable without me tearing my hair out.